HRM 420 Week 2 Assignment Recruitment and Selection Strategy (2 PPT) latest

HRM 420 Week 2 Assignment Recruitment and Selection Strategy latest

Research discrimination laws that apply to employee recruitment and selection, negligent hiring, compensation laws under FLSA, and categories of employees using current sources from the Internet, your texts, or the University Library.
Create a 12- to 15-slide presentation with speaker notes using Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Prezi®, or a similar tool to outline the steps in the latest hire training process for your company.
Summarize the following information in your presentation:
• Identify at least three discrimination laws that could be violated in the recruitment and selection of employees, and explain how to avoid those violations.
• Identify components of negligent hiring practices, and explain how to avoid claims.
• Describe minimum wage and overtime requirements under FLSA.
• Identify at least three categories of employees, the advantages of each of the categories compared to independent contractors, and the disadvantages of each of the categories.
Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.
Create correctly formatted APA references and a title page, and include a minimum of three references.
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