LIBERTY BUSI 642 Week 8 Quiz 4 latest

LIBERTY BUSI 642 Week 8 Quiz 4 latest

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Effective management of telecommuters involves requiring telecommuters to attend office meetings regularly.
Reed is sending an e-mail message to Chandra in HR about a latest hire he is considering. The e-mail message is the ________ component of the communication process.
To ensure accurate understanding of a message, the receiver should:
Which of the following is NOT an information dissemination tool?
________ is a type of electronic communication that allows the sender to leave a detailed audio message for a receiver.
During an interview, the hiring manager tells the job candidate, “You’ll always have a job here.” That statement most likely constitutes a(n):
Management rights are also known as:
Harrison, an American citizen, has recently taken a computer technician job in Belgium. The chances that Harrison will be discharged from this position without good cause are:
Surveys of workers on the issue of random drug testing show that:
Hastings is the manager of an insulation manufacturing company. In order to determine the measures he will need to take in order to provide his employees with a safe working environment, he should most likely consult the:
In a collective bargaining session, Perry, the union representative, is trying to convince Tom, management’s representative, that if management does not accept the current wage terms, the union will go out on strike. Perry is using a(n) ________ strategy.
Public sector unions differ from their private sector counterparts in that most public sector unions:
Which of the following is specifically prohibited by the Taft-Hartley Act?
The U.S. labor relations system is most similar to the:
Coralie lives in France and works for the Paris transportation system. Clark lives and works in the United States. Both belong to unions. Which of the following is most likely true?
According to the U.S. Supreme Court, employees:
For employers, what is the primary problem associated with cumulative trauma disorders?
Which of the following is LEAST effective when a manager suspects that an employee is involved in domestic violence?
GINA allows employers to test the genetics of employees for the purpose of lowering health insurance premiums.
Owen, a manager at Metro Manufacturing, has an employee who is currently taking workers’ compensation leave. It is Owen’s responsibility to ensure that his employee’s claim is legitimate. Which of the following actions would be LEAST effective for Owen’s task?
Which of the following is most important when planning compensation for expatriates?
Countries with a future orientation, slow promotion, a focus on long-term rewards, and strong company cultures, include:
Which of the following best describes the current trend in international HR policies?
Which of the following countries is NOT included in NAFTA?
Which term refers to employees who are citizens of one country that are living and working in another country?

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