NTC 362 Week 4 Team Adding Another Satellite Campus latest

NTC 362 Week 4 Team Adding Another Satellite Campus latest

Scenario: The IT leadership team has determined that the college will add another satellite campus.
Students will be allowed to connect to the network from personally-owned mobile devices. Troubleshooting services will be limited for the students so you must provide a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) best practice guideline for students to help them manage their personal mobile devices. Your task is to create a document demonstrating how to configure the mobile device settings as followstaking screenshotsto demonstrate your knowledge:
Android or Apple:
1. Update your operating system and applications
2. Back up your data
3. Limit ad tracking under “Privacy, Advertising”
4. Set up SIM card lock
5. Disable Bluetooth and/or WIFI when not in use
6. Set up email on your mobile device
Paste screenshots into a Microsoft® Word document to demonstrate you applied appropriate configurations, and provide a 350-word narrative using Microsoft® Word to assist the student in applying appropriate settings to their device.
Format your document consistent with APA guidelines.
Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

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